The importance of backing up.

Why should YOU bother backing up?

Regardless if you are a business or home PC user the files stored on your PC are valuable to you and/or others. Those files could be your invoices, orders, business emails, contracts etc. or as simple as personal photos saved from your holidays in the case of home users. The simple fact is that if you lose them it will take you a lot of time to re-create these files if they were lost, if that was even a possibility! Often that is not an option, if you lose your photo collection and there is no backup copy then you might need to face the fact they are gone forever, imagine all those precious family memories lost!!

So how is it possible to lose these when they are safely stored on your tablet/laptop/PC? Scarily there are a number of possible ways this could happen and most of them are beyond your control.

1. Hard drive failure (Hard drives are extremely fragile)

This is not something easy to plan for because I have had hard drives which have lasted 10+ years and hard drives which have lasted less than a year. The only certainty is that everything has its day so one of these days it is likely your drive will fail so why wait for that day, start backing up immediately!

2. The Human factor (Deleting them is more common that you think)

Obviously, this is likely to be done by mistake but with no backup copy to fall back on these mistakes can be very costly and frustrating. Additionally, this could be intentional deletion, an upset employee can wreak havoc in minutes! What would take seconds to restore from a backup might take days to recover, it may even be impossible to recover at all!

3. Physical disaster (Fire, Flood, Natural Disasters)

This not only affects if you backup but also how you choose to do it, obviously if you are backing up to a local removable drive or something similar which resides in the same building as your PC/laptop and that building burns down, you would lose them both! The best way to mitigate against this is by backing up offsite or moving your backup drive to another site after each backup. An easier method would be utilising a cloud backup service.

So as you can see if you are not currently backing up you should be, there are a great many backup options both locally and online “cloud” based backups. The best one for you really does depend on a great number of factors one of which is of course your budget. But if you are ready to take this seriously give me a call and I can help you through the mine-field of options and find the best suited solution for you.



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