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If you are looking to purchase a laptop for GCSE homework, read this post you could save a £671.16!

Office 365

Bad Office 365 advice from the high street….

I was alerted to this a couple of weeks ago when someone I know was in a high street computer retailer buying their daughter a laptop for her GCSE’s, the retailer wanted to also sell them Office 365 and as the students had been told they needed to have Outlook it was determined they needed to sell them Office 365 Home. Office 365 Home is £7.99 a month from this retailer, added to this they wanted to charge them for setting it up, around another £55 incredibly. Thankfully they called me while in the store before agreeing to this and I managed to talk them out of signing up for anything. If a student is in high school for GCSE and A levels this is 7 years, 7 years of Office 365 Home subscriptions would cost each student £671.16. I am guessing that this is probably more than the cost of the average laptop most parents would be able to afford for their child, it is certainly double the cost of a laptop suitable for a student to do all of their homework on.

Good Office 365 facts!

Most schools have a licencing agreement covering all students for Office 365 for FREE yes you read that correctly free of charge already paid for by the school! For certain Ormskirk School is licenced to please pass on this information. So this is £671.16 cheaper than your high street retailer, so how do you get this free? All you need to do is give me a call and I can configure it for you on their PC or laptop, also for less than the high street retailer was charging for installation !!

Please share this post and try to help each other not fall into this same trap.

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